It just has to be on that lot in Copperdale (until a modder fixes it) Schools have to have lockers and the cafeteria station etc but you could hide them away and not have your Sims use them.


. Aelaer • 5 mo.

Counselor of Copperdale High School.


. Copperdale High School, Home of the Copperdale Cougars! Before we get into this build, I will be giving you various builds and sims for your game this month. .

May 19, 2023 · Margaret Hope-Newman.

the career day 3. The guys abandoned Copperdale High School for the abandoned factory at Moonwood Mill. Luke's first love, high school sweetheart, and wife!☺️ #TheSims4 #TS4 #ShowUsYourSims.

Nevertheless, I have built a large school. The guys abandoned Copperdale High School for the abandoned factory at Moonwood Mill.


A fun, happy high school for your and your Sims to enjoy! Celebrate prom, practice basketball, study in class, read a book under the tree, or catch up with friends in the cafeteria! Completely CC-free.

19 May 2023 16:10:29. Copperdale High School Is Valued at $ 348,419 in a 64 X 64 lot in Copperdale.

. the graduation ceremony Thanks to all creators who made this house possible with their CC, like Aggressvie Kitty, Anye, Leo-Sims, MeinKatz, MTQ, Novvvas, Wondymoon and many.

Now, choose the Worlds you want to rename.
19 May 2023 16:10:29.

You can ask other sims to the prom (a "prom-posal") either as a romantic date or just as friends.


. It's time to give Copperdale High a new look! This big lot is all made to be functional for the new High School lot, with classrooms, cafeteria, principal's office, teacher's room, fitness room and much more. Statistics.

Dec 13, 2022 · The Sims 4: High School Years expansion is the latest one released in July 2022, and Prima Games is here to provide you with some cheat codes that you can use to have fun. the prom night 4. . Then my sim, Tristan, who was relatively popular, befriended him in high school. moveobjects on” will need to be input before placement.


This is the only school included in the game, and while it works fine as a template, it can. .

And it's missing things.

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No CC! : r/Sims4.

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